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Ready for the Prom by KP-ShadowSquirrel

Okay, so first thing's first: As for the vision thing, I love the pink/purple background that compliments Luna's colour and mane. Her e...


I kinda went through a writer's block thing, but now I'm listening to the KH1 OST, which is giving me some background noise to write to. It's really helpful.
Hopefully the next chapter of "I'll Be Your Light" will be out soon!
Iva's Summoner's Brand by crystal4458
Iva's Summoner's Brand
Just a ref for Iva's tattoo that marks her as a summoner. Idk if I want to digitize this, though. I was just thinking about what her tattoo should look like and different things that it will be a part in for later in the story, so I changed it from just swirls to a swirly phoenix!
  • Mood: Excited
  • Watching: OUaT and GoT
  • Playing: KH: BBS
I was tagged by :iconravenxriku: ! (Guys seriously tag me in as many of these as you want, I secretly love these things)
-No tag-backs
-Must tag at least 10 people
-State 10 facts about yourself
-Answer the questions asked by the people who tagged you
-Make ten questions for the people you tag

Ten Facts About Me:
1. I am currently writing (or attempting to write) a KH fanfic with Riku as the romantic interest for my OC.
2. I have been writing this damn story since like sophomore year of high school.
3. I am about to start my third year in college.
4. I'm a Biology major.
5. I have failed Organic Chemistry second semester.
6. I aspire to be a reconstructive surgeon - or any kind of surgeon.
7. I have a boyfriend, and have been dating him for two years now.
8. I just went on a major shopping trip with a close friend of mine and spent a ton of money and got tons of stuff.
9. I love writing and drawing, I just don't do it much.
10. I just bought KH: Birth By Sleep for myself, along with FF IX.

Questions from :iconravenxriku: 
1. What is your favorite anime if you watch anime?
- My favorite will always be FullMetal Alchemist.
2. Cats or Dogs?
- UGH I love both. Cats are quieter, though, and easier to take care of. Dogs are just so sweet though!
3. If you could wield any fantasy weapon, what would it be and why?
- Umm probably a mage's staff? So that I could use magic?
4. Which one of my OC's is your favorite?
- Definitely Raven, although I really like her friend Kaz.
5. Who is your favorite Disney character?
- Hades? I have no clue ._.
6. Who is your Role Model?
- Y'know, I'm not really sure. I've stopped looking up to people, really, because there's always something wrong with everyone, and it's better to not put people on a pedestal? So idk, I don't think I really have a role model. Maybe my sister?
7. Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom?
- Johnny Depp, man.
8. Ed Sheeran or Sam Smith?
- I don't know either of these well enough to choose.
9. What are your beliefs after we die?
- Kinda reincarnation? I'm not really sure. I kinda feel like all the life that exists is a part of something greater, and when we die, we kinda go back to that? But then we can come back in a different life, but not exactly as a person?
10. What is your favorite book/film/TV series and why?
- Harry Potter and the Inheritance Cycle. I grew up reading those two book series, and while the Eragon movie was shit, the Harry Potter ones were pretty decent. Spirited Away is one of my favorite movies, though.

Questions for those tagged:
1. What is your favorite band? It's okay to have multiple!
2. How many people can you consider 'best friends'?
3. How old are you?
4. Are you queer? If so, and you feel comfortable answering, what do you identify as?
5. What's your favorite video game, if you play them?
6. Do you have a favorite name? What is it?
7. What is your favorite beverage?
8. What's your favorite comfort food?
9. Do you enjoy doing these tag things as much as I do?
10. What's your favorite color combination? Give me two!

OKAY I tag…

I need more dA friends x.x


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United States
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Yo, I'm Crys. I'm 20 years old, struggling through college as a Bio major, and aspiring to be a surgeon one day. I draw when I want to/can, which unfortunately isn't very often.
A hobby that I have been doing a lot recently, however, is crochet! I'll happily make anyone who asks scarves or hats or small plushies, and if enough people ask, I'll make a commission journal about it with prices. I'd love to do it for free, but yarn is kinda expensive for the good stuff, as is shipping. Sorry!
If you have any questions about anything, just send me a note!
Have a nice day! <3

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