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Ready for the Prom by KP-ShadowSquirrel

Okay, so first thing's first: As for the vision thing, I love the pink/purple background that compliments Luna's colour and mane. Her e...


Why do the shows I love hurt me in this way
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1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names along with their creators' avatar

1. Iva actually has two middle names - her birth name, and one she chose. She never got it legally changed, even though she wanted to.
2. At one point, Iva's favorite color is pink, but she says it's red because she doesn't want to seem too girly.
3. Iva's powers are controlled by her emotions, much like Raven's in Teen Titans.
4. Iva has never had a boyfriend (before the story begins, I mean). Or a girlfriend.
5. Iva is bisexual.
6. Iva prefers long-distance fighting with magic and her staff, but can fight well in close proximity to her target.
7. Iva is terrified of fire, and rarely uses it in battle.
8. Near the "end" of the story (I'm not sure when I want it to end), Iva is probably close to 10 years older than everyone else.

Now I'll just tag :iconmusical-medic: to talk about Ari maybe? Or a gemsona, if you have one <3
I'll also tag :iconravenxriku: so she can talk about Raven :D Or someone else, if you wanna!
Everyone else is free to do this!

The next few days in the castle were uneventful. Riku didn't mention my nightmare or my confession about what happened, and I followed his lead. I attributed this to the fact that he could no longer hear me in the night - I had found a spell in my spellbook that allowed me to make a room completely soundproof. I cast it every night before I fell asleep; this proved to be a good idea, as I woke up every night with a shout. Chester was now the only one to comfort me as I trembled from nightmares.

Riku was proving to be a very tough opponent indeed. Even with the longer reach of my staff, I couldn't beat him in a fight. I was, however, learning to hold my own, and was no longer landing on my ass. I had reached the point where he would walk away with about the same amount of bruises as I did. The staff, thankfully, was extremely sturdy - much sturdier than the fake swords we used to use. Riku had switched to using his real sword, as the staff broke one of the fake ones.

My magic usage was improving exponentially, which even Maleficent found strange. Every time I saw her, she got this strange and creepy gleam in her eye, as if she couldn't wait to rip me apart and find the source of my power. I had somehow managed to use spells that I hadn't officially learned yet, and I was already mastering second level magic. Telekinesis came naturally to me, and I began to use it almost constantly. I tried to tell Riku about this, but he had grown distant in just a few days, as if he were absorbed in his own little world.

It was almost a week before Maleficent approached us both with news of Kairi.

"Iva, Riku," Maleficent called as she entered the room in her usual burst of flames. We backed away from each other, as we were in the middle of a sparring match. My breath came roughly, but not in ragged gasps like it used to. Riku looked like he had barely broken a sweat. Maleficent strode towards Riku, a fake smile on her face.  "I have another job for you, my dears." She looked only at Riku as she spoke. Riku's expression darkened.

"What is it?"

"One of my colleagues has found a Princess of Heart. Her name is Jasmine, and she resides in a world called Agrabah. My colleague requires assistance capturing her and bringing her to me. I believe you agreed to help me?"

Riku nodded, and I bit my lip. I didn't like the sound of 'capturing' a princess.

"Then come with me, both of you. It is time you helped me once more. Do this, and I shall help you find your dear friend." She smiled a little wider as she held her arms out, her staff vanishing. Riku immediately stepped forward, then looked at me anxiously. I darted over to the corner of the room and grabbed my jacket and bag, tugging on the jacket as I stepped under Maleficent's hand. The green flames encased us, though when they vanished, the air was much warmer than they were.

My eyes burned from sudden bright sunlight. Squinting, I buckled my bag to my leg and began to look around. Wooden market stalls lined the street ahead of us, and we were standing in a small alley off the main road that was piled high with boxes. The buildings around us were a sandy color, almost identical to the ground. With the heat and dry air combined, I assumed we were in some sort of desert.

"Well, from here on, you two are on your own," Maleficent said as she started to walk away. "I must meet with Jafar. He seems to have misplaced the princess. If you find her, bring her back immediately to the castle in Hollow Bastion, do you understand?" She looked back at Riku, who nodded quickly. "Good. Use this charm to return back to the castle - it can be dangerous to use darkness to travel long distances." She handed Riku a small black orb that was hanging from a silver chain. "Do try to stay out of trouble." She strode out into the main street and took a left, vanishing from view. Riku looked around us, obviously trying to figure out what to do.

"Um," I piped up, causing Riku to look at me. "How about we get someplace high up? 'Cause then we can see a wider area. These walls are high, and who knows how big the city is."

"That's a good idea," he said dryly. He examined the boxes and jumped on top of one, using it to propel himself farther upwards until he reached a ledge that I hadn't noticed before. "Come on, Iva!"

I scaled the boxes quickly, and as soon as I reached the ledge, Riku began walking along the ledge until he reached a spot on the wall that was cracked. It looked sturdy enough to climb, but I didn't completely trust it. I realized I didn't have a choice, though, as Riku immediately began climbing - I also thought that he had a lot of experience with climbing, as he went up quickly, but it took me much longer.

The view from the top of the building was stunning. I was right in assuming that we were in a desert - this city seemed to be nestled right in the middle of scorching sands that stretched as far as I could see. To the East was a small oasis, with trees shading the precious pool of water. I glanced at Riku, curious if he had noticed our surroundings, but saw that he was intensely focused on the ground between the buildings, obviously looking for our renegade Princess.

"Riku, we don't even know what she looks like," I said quietly as I put a hand on his arm. He didn't respond to my touch. "How are we going to know her when we see her?"

"We'll know her because she doesn't want to be seen." He said curtly, his eyes scanning the spaces between the stalls and buildings. He began to walk slowly across the roof. I followed at my own pace, and jumped when I heard voices echoing from below. I couldn't make out what they were saying, but they sounded familiar.

Riku backed up so that he could no longer see over the edge and beckoned for me to follow suit. He had crouched against the wall of the city, his shoulders stiff and his face strangely blank. I crouched next to him.

"What is it?" I asked quietly, afraid of my voice carrying to the people Riku obviously didn't want to see.

"We should follow them," he responded in a monotone voice.


"That's Sora," he said, his mouth twitching as he said the name. "With that Keyblade of his, Sora attracts important people. If the princess doesn't want to be found, she will enlist his help. We follow them, wait for them to be distracted, and take the princess."

"Riku, I don't know if I like the idea of kidnapping a princess-"

"I'll do whatever it takes to save Kairi," he snapped, shutting me up. I looked down at my shoes, which were already dusty from the sand. I realized then just how hot I was and that I was still wearing my jacket, which I swiftly removed and tied around my hips. It took a bit of wiggling in place to get it to sit right in my crouching position, but I managed.

The voices were starting to sound distant. Riku stood in a fluid motion and signaled for me to do the same. We began to move quickly along the rooftops, following Sora and his friends. I managed to catch a glimpse of them for a moment - Sora hadn't changed from the first time I saw him, and this time there was another young man with him who looked to be from this world.

"Who is that?" I asked Riku when the group stopped.

"No clue. But like I said, Sora attracts important people with that Keyblade of his. He must be looking for the princess."

We hid in an alcove as the group passed, although I doubted that they would think to look up. I thought the young man that was accompanying Sora looked rather worried.

The group kept moving, checking behind market stalls and inside wooden barrels and clay pots until they reached a set of enormous doors set in a wall. The doors were decorated with gold and silver, but looked to be made of wood. A tall man wearing long black and red robes was standing in the little square, his golden staff gleaming in the sun.

"I think that's Jafar," Riku whispered. "I've seen him around the castle before."

The man who could be Jafar turned around to face Sora and his friends as they approached. Jafar looked menacing and gloating, as if he had just won a game of chance. Clay pots lined the walls of the buildings around the entire group, and I thought I noticed one moving.

"Riku, look!" I pointed to the moving pot. Sure enough, the lid began to slowly open, and I could just barely see a person peeking out from inside. They seemed to realize that other people were near, and the lid fell shut quickly with a clunk. Jafar glanced over at it, then returned his attention to Sora.

They conversed for a short time, and then Jafar lifted up his staff in what was probably supposed to be an impressive display of power, and all the clay pots in the area sprouted legs. I gasped as they began to cluster together in a straight line, with two pots forming a head and tail of what seemed to be a centipede. Huge pincers clicked menacingly, and I could hear a girl shouting from the pots.

"Do you think she'll be okay?" I asked Riku. I stepped forward a bit, prepared to jump to her aid, but Riku pulled me back.

"Jafar would be stupid to hurt her. This is probably a distraction to get her away from Sora. Pay close attention to those pots; if one veers off, follow it."

Sora and his friends began to attack the pots, breaking them one at a time. The centipede rampaged around the square and through an archway back into the city. I realized that Jafar had vanished. We followed the action, and just as Riku had predicted, one of the pots near the tail end darted into an alley while Sora was busy with the head. Riku and I followed it, avoiding Sora's line of sight. Riku began to jump down towards the ground, using stacked boxes as ledges. Once he hit the ground in a puff of dust, he sprinted after the pot. I decided that it would take me too long to jump box by box, so I prepared my magic and leapt off the edge of the building, plummeting towards the ground. At the last moment I forced the air under my feet to cushion my fall, and it felt like I was landing on a squishy mattress. My knees bent on the impact, but I was soon up and running after Riku.

The pot scuttled towards a set of open doors that lead out into the desert. Riku paused at the wall and waited for me, watching the pot scurry off into the sand.

"That's not going to be an easy trip," he said to me, squinting at the dunes.

"If we have Ethers," I said, a little out of breath, "I can keep us cool with magic. I don't think I can do anything about the sun, though. We might get sunburned if we're out too long."

Riku checked his pockets. "Yeah, I have a few. Here." He handed them to me, and I put them in the bag on my hip. Riku then turned to face the desert. The pot was starting to get harder to see, as it was so far away. "We should go now."

I took a deep breath to prepare myself. "Alright. Let's go."

We took off at a run in the direction of the pot. The sun hit me like a slap to the face the moment I left the shade of the city walls. Within seconds, both of us were sweating profusely.

The run seemed to last for hours. It didn't take long for us to lose sight of the city. I hoped that Riku was right, and that the pot we were following really did contain the princess we sought. Riku pushed us until we caught up to the pot, and then he stopped, panting heavily. My feet slipped on the sand as I stopped next to him, sweat pouring down my face and arms. I was starting to feel dizzy.

"Iva," Riku wheezed, "can you make water?"

"No, but I can make ice," I replied. I held my shaky hands in front of me and focused on the Blizzard spell, watching as small ice crystals began to form. They melted almost immediately in the desert heat, leaving me with a blob of water levitating between my hands. I willed it to go to Riku, who eagerly shoved his face in it. I didn't stop to think how strange he looked trying to drink water out of the air, but instead made a sphere for myself. Our thirst quenched for the moment, I then focused on whipping up a cool breeze around us to cool us off. I could feel myself getting tired from the magic usage, but I didn't eat one of the few Ethers we had - I wanted to save them for later if I really needed them.

Riku only allowed a short break before he suggested we get moving again. As we ran, I realized the sun was beginning to set. I hadn't realized how long we had spent in this world. The pot continued on its track, its long spindly legs sinking into the sand as it ran. It occurred to me that it shouldn't be able to run on sand with those legs, but as I thought about it, I decided that a clay pot with legs was strange enough, and that I shouldn't really question what it should or shouldn't be able to do.

We ran until the sun went completely below the horizon. The air was suddenly cooler, making us sweat less. The pot stopped in a large depression in the desert, shaped almost like a bowl. Tall rocks lined the edge, save for the gap that it entered through. Riku and I followed it inside, where we  saw it parked slightly off-center from the middle.

Suddenly, the ground began shaking. Our feet slipped in the sand, and I was horribly reminded of the day my world was attacked. The sand in the center of the bowl began to rise as a huge rock shaped like a tiger's head rose from the ground, sand spilling off of it like water. Its eyes glowed brightly in the dark, and it opened its mouth in a huge roar, allowing orange light to spill out. Its jaw hung open, and the pot picked itself up and walked up to the mouth. Once it stepped inside, its lid popped off, and it tipped forward. A person fell out of the pot and down what seemed to be the throat of the tiger, screaming the whole way. Riku and I sprinted to follow her as the tiger began to stir.

We made it just in time. We jumped inside the mouth and stumbled on the stairs just as the jaws slammed shut behind us. I felt as if I was sinking, and I assumed that the tiger's head was moving back under the sand. The pot, which had previously held so much life, lay knocked over on the stone tongue, its legs broken.

When the shaking stopped, Riku gestured for us to move on. Slightly anxious, I began to follow him down a long set of stairs, lit only by an orange glow from the end of the staircase. I wondered how we were going to get out, and then remembered the charm that Maleficent gave Riku. I hoped it would work if we were underground.

The glow intensified as we neared the end of the staircase. Once we reached the bottom and entered through the archway, I realized that the glow was from countless torches lining the walls of a huge cavern. A pathway of stone lined the wall to our left, with pretty tile mosaics and strange statues on the wall. To our right, the path cut off, leaving over half the room with no floor. I walked up to the edge and glanced down, and immediately backed away - it was a pitch black abyss, and I didn't want to know how far down it went.

Riku began slowly walking towards the other end of the cavern - for now that I looked that way, I saw a doorway across the room. I followed, and shouted when one of the statues shot a strong jet of water at me, further drenching my clothes. Riku looked back in a panic, and then laughed.

"It's not funny!" I said, looking down at my now-dripping shirt. I guessed that the water couldn't have been too bad - maybe it rinsed out some of the sweat.

We made our way to the next room (I was careful to avoid the statues now), and found it to be quite similar to the first, except at the end of the path was a large golden door. It hung ajar, as if someone had recently been inside. We moved towards it quickly and entered as quietly as we could.

My jaw fell open as I saw the room. Gold glittered on every surface; golden coins, statues, and trophies; gold pillars holding up the ceiling; golden monkeys holding crystals the size of large eggs. The light from the torches danced off the metal in a spectacular display of sheer greed. The gold coins were in piles that were taller than I was. Unable to resist the urge, I shoved my hand into a pile, sending an avalanche of coins to my feet. They were cool to the touch.

Riku grabbed my arm, snapping me out of my trance. I quickly pulled my hand back, sheepish, and more coins fell to the floor. He then pulled me farther into the room, where we saw a tall black door.

"Where is she?" Riku asked, almost to himself. I looked around and remembered that we were in here because we were supposed to be capturing her.

"Maybe she's in there?" I suggested, pointing to the door in front of us. Riku walked up to it and attempted to open it, but it wouldn't budge.

"Well, if I can't open it, she probably can't," he stated. He was about to say something else, but echoing voices interrupted him.  I couldn't quite make out what they were saying, but I thought they were coming from behind the door.

"Someone's in there, at least," I said.

Riku looked at the door, puzzled, when I heard familiar voices coming from behind us. He whipped around, looking nervous.

"Iva, we need to hide."

"Where? In the coins?" I said sarcastically.

"... Actually, that's not a bad idea. Come on!" He grabbed my elbow and dragged me behind a pile of coins, into which he attempted to bury himself. I giggled when I realized it wasn't working.

"Here," I said, holding my hands up, "I can cover us, but we should probably lay down."

Riku followed my suggestion and lay down on the ground, and I flattened myself next to him. I then used telekinesis to move as many coins on top of us as we could stand, until a small mount had buried us completely. We couldn't see, but I was confident that we wouldn't be seen, either.

The voices grew louder.

"I hope Jasmine is alright," I heard a strange voice say.

"Don't worry! I'm sure she's fine!" I recognized Sora's voice. My thoughts went to Riku.

"What's that?" said a lisping voice. Was that the duck?

"That leads to the Lamp Chamber," the strange voice said again. I assumed this was the stranger that was with Sora in the city.

I heard grunts and scuffles on the floor. "It won't open!" said a goofy voice.

"Here, this oughta do it," Sora responded confidently. Click. A loud grating sound reached my ears, which I assumed was the door opening. "There!"

"Thanks, Sora!" said the strange voice again. Their footsteps echoed for a short time until they disappeared entirely. I waited a few more moments to make sure they were gone before I moved, sending coins cascading down to the floor. I heard Riku move beside me, and soon we were both standing in a pile of coins and staring at the open door in front of us. I moved to enter the room, but Riku held me back.

"No, we should wait," he said over the voices of Jafar and Sora that were echoing to us. "If Jasmine tries to leave, we can catch her here. If Jafar can draw them away, we can catch her in there. Let's just watch and wait."

So we did. Riku crouched on one side of the door, and I crouched on the other. I could see snippets of the battle between Sora and Jafar - Jafar was levitating around the room, occasionally shooting spells from his staff, and a large blue mass was circling the group, sometimes covering his face with his hands and shooting spells blindly. I assumed that the blue thing and Sora's friends all knew each other, as it seemed to be warning them of attacks.

I inched forward a bit to get a better view of the room. Off to one side was a platform, and set into the wall was an etching of a keyhole. A girl with long black hair and a blue outfit on was cowering beside it - I assumed it was Jasmine.

After some time, Jafar landed in the center of the room. I watched as he pulled a shiny object from his robes and called out to the blue thing - he called it 'Genie' - and made a wish. Black, billowy smoke began to surround Jafar, and a menacing cackle filled the air. The ground shook as the center of the room began to sink, plunging Jafar - who was now bigger than Genie and bright red - and Sora and his friends into a room below. Although it was warm in the caverns, I felt chills go up my spine as I realized how much more powerful Jafar was now.

Movement caught my eye, and I looked to see Riku stand. I followed suit, and he led the way into the Lamp Chamber, which was now empty of people. Sounds of people fighting floated up from the hole in the floor, but Riku walked right past it, instead sneaking around the edge of the wall to catch Jasmine by surprised. I followed quietly, and tried to climb up onto the platform as silently as possible.

Jasmine must have heard us. She stumbled to her feet as she faced us, clearly scared. "W-who are you?"

Riku looked like he was going to speak, but I interrupted him. "We're here to help." Riku shot me a look, but stayed silent.

"What do you mean?"

"We can get you away from Jafar, but you have to come with us, quickly," I said, inching towards her. I held my hand out. "We won't hurt you, I promise."

"How do you know about Jafar? I've never seen you before..."

"There's no time to explain," Riku chimed in, stepping forward. "You'll just have to trust us, but you better hurry. Jafar's really powerful now, he could seriously hurt you."

Jasmine looked at us warily for a moment, and then gave in. "A-alright..."

"Come here," Riku said, pulling the charm Maleficent gave him out of his pocket. As soon as Jasmine had stepped forward, the charm began to glow, and I felt a strange pull in my chest as the world around us vanished. I heard Jasmine gasp in fear.

The castle seemed much darker than when we left. It took my eyes a few moments to adjust.

"W-where are we?" Jasmine asked in a shaky voice.

Riku ignored her. "Maleficent!" he called. The witch appeared in a burst of flames, startling Jasmine.

"Oh? You seem to have succeeded," she said, sounding surprised. "I should not have doubted you, then. Good job, my dears." She turned slowly to face Jasmine, who was now backing away. "My dearest Princess, do not be afraid. We will treat you well here," she said in a sickly sweet voice. She slowly raised her staff, the orb on top beginning to glow green. Jasmine froze, and then suddenly collapsed.

"Jasmine!" I yelped, running to her side. I tried to shake her awake, but she didn't respond. I thought she was still breathing. I turned my head to glare at Maleficent. "I thought you just said you'd treat her well! What did you do to her?"

Jasmine moved under my hand, and as I looked at her, she levitated off the floor into a somewhat standing position. She reminded me of a puppet on strings. She floated over to Maleficent, who stroked her face gently.

"I did not hurt her, Iva. She is merely sleeping. All will be well when all the Princesses are gathered." She sounded as if she was talking to herself. She turned to walk out of the room.

"Wait!" Riku called. "What about Kairi?"

"All in due time, my dear," she said dismissively. "My colleagues will convene here soon. Wait for that moment, and then you will find your dear friend." And with that, she swept out of the room, Jasmine floating along behind her.

Riku let out a sound of frustration and began pacing around the room. I thought about trying to talk to him, but decided against it. I sat down carefully on the floor and tried to calm my thoughts, which were going at a mile a minute, giving me a headache. After a few minutes of counting my breaths and watching Riku pace back and forth, I felt myself rise into the air as I always did when meditating. Riku was so absorbed in his own little world that he didn't even notice.

I lost track of how long we waited in that room. As I grew calmer from meditating, Riku seemed to grow more anxious. I found myself wondering just how long we were going to have to wait, but at that moment, the door swung open with a heavy scrape along the floor. I unfolded my legs while still in the air and placed my feet on the floor. Riku stopped in his tracks and stared as Maleficent entered, followed by one of the strangest men I had ever seen.

He was tall, with blue-ish grey skin that reminded me of a shark. On top of his head blazed a blue flame, almost akin to hair. He wore black robes that draped loosely over his thin body. I shivered, reminded of a skeleton.

They stopped in the center of the room, facing the pedestal that gave off a green glow. Riku edged towards them and stopped on the opposite side. I stayed back, wary of the man who gave off such a menacing air.

"That smarmy vizier could have had 'em," he complained loudly, his hand clasped tightly into a fist, "if SOMEONE had stayed around to give him a hand." He glared at Riku, who stared back with defiance.

"Hey, I did my part. I brought the princess, didn't I?"

"Jafar was beyond help," Maleficent said in a smooth voice, "consumed by his own hatred. One should beware of letting it burn to fiercely."

The grey man threw his hands up in surrender. "Whoa, whoa, whoa. Lighten up. I'm as cool as they come, okay? By the way, kid," he turned to Riku, "have we got something special for you."

Riku looked confused. "Huh?"

"We had a deal, yes?" Maleficent said coyly. "You help us, and we grant your wish..." She raised her hand, and an image of a girl with red hair appeared on the pedestal. She was laying down, appearing to be sleeping. Riku jumped forward, suddenly desperate.


"Go to her," the witch said. "Your vessel is waiting."

My head snapped around as I heard the click of heels on the floor, and I wondered why I hadn't heard the door open. A man with a long red coat and a cap with a huge feather walked into the dim light, which gleamed off of something in his hand.

"Just remember, this is no pleasure cruise. It won't be a pleasant voyage," he said snidely.

Riku looked back to Maleficent, apparently unimpressed. "Why are you doing all this for me? What's the catch?" My hopes rose as I thought that maybe Riku had caught on to Maleficent's manipulations.

"Catch? What catch?" She bent down slightly and placed a caressing hand on his cheek. "Silly, boy. You're like a son to me. I only want you to be happy."

Riku knocked her hand away and glared. "I seriously doubt that."

"Believe what you wish. But lest we forget, I kept my end of the bargain," she concluded threateningly. Riku said nothing to her, but turned and began walking towards the man in the red coat. I hesitated, unsure of what to do.

"Come on, Iva!" Riku called as he and the other man approached the door. I dashed over to follow him, but the man in the coat seemed to be having none of it.

"Oh, I don't think so!" he said rudely. "I never agreed to carry around two landlubbers!"

"Take her with you, Hook," Maleficent called, her voice cold. "Do not argue."

He faltered, then turned and stormed down the hall. Riku and I nearly had to jog to keep up with him, his heels clicking with every step. As we walked into the hallways with more light, I realized that the gleaming thing in his hand was his hand - a large, shiny hook replaced his left hand, as if it had been removed.

Hook led the way through the castle and outside. Sitting atop the Rising Falls was a huge wooden ship with pirate sails.

"That there's me ship," Hook said proudly, his hand on his hip. "That's how ye will find that girl."

Riku was quiet. Hook set off at a brisk trot towards the Falls. I noticed a much smaller boat leaving the ship and heading towards us. Hook stopped us at a large rock near the top of the Falls and we stood in silence until the boat reached us. Inside the boat was a rather fat man with a floppy red hat on. He stumbled out, splashing water on Hook.

"SMEE!" Hook yelled, brandishing his hooked arm at the fat man. "Be more careful!"

"S-s-sorry, Captain!" said Smee. His voice sounded funny. Hook turned to us, a sneer on his face.

"Get in, ye whelps."

Riku stepped in swiftly, barely rocking the boat. When I attempted to get in, however, I nearly fell over the edge and into the water, but Riku caught my arm and pulled me back. When I turned to thank him, I saw he was smirking.

"What?" I demanded. His smile widened.

"Oh, nothing."

Hook stepped in after us. "Get a move on, Smee!"

The poor man scrambled to grab the wooden oars at the bottom of the boat. I sat down carefully as he began to row, slowly bringing us closer to the ship. The rocking of the boat made me a little nauseous.  The short trip passed in silence, and when we reached the ship, I saw a long rope ladder dangling off the side. Smee held the rope steady, and Hook practically stepped on him on his way up. Once he hopped onto the deck, he leaned over and shook his hook at us.

"Get a move on, you useless runts! We've got places to be!"

Riku made a sound of impatience and stepped forward, then paused. He turned to me. "You go on ahead, Iva."

I shrugged and stepped forward, wobbling from the rocking boat. The rope ladder seemed steady enough, and it moved minimally as I climbed. I made a mental note to thank Smee for holding it so tightly - I had a feeling that Captain Hook didn't thank him often.

I felt much more sure in my steps when I reached the deck of the ship. I could still feel the ship rocking, but it wasn't as bad as the small boat. Riku reached the deck soon after me, and Smee followed him. The stout man began to pull up the rope ladder and rolled it up neatly on the deck.

"Pull up the anchor, Smee! We're off to Neverland!"

Smee ran off to a large crank set in the ship's deck and began to push. I heard chains rattle against the side of the ship, and watched as a huge anchor was dragged partially onto the deck. Smee set some sort of locking mechanism, and then collapsed by the crank, panting heavily.

"Hold on to yer britches!" Hook yelled as he pulled a lever next to the ship's wheel. The ship lurched beneath my feet, and I found myself grabbing Riku for support as I nearly fell over.

"Let down the sail, Smee! You know the one!"

"Y-yes, Captain!"

I carefully made my way to the rails and held on tightly for support. As I looked up to watch Smee, a huge black sail unfurled from the main mast. A gust of wind pushed it out, and a gleaming white skull and crossbones stood proud in the center.

Another lurch, and a splash, and before I could even register what was going on, the ship had risen completely out of the water and was soaring over the castle that we had just left. I felt my jaw drop as we flew through two spires, and my head turned to watch the castle get smaller and smaller as we flew higher.

I was so caught up in watching the castle that I hadn't noticed our surroundings. Riku tapped me on the shoulder and motioned for me to look around.

If it were possible for my jaw to fall any farther, it would have. The sky around us was no longer blue - in fact, it wasn't even a sky. We had flown all the way up into space, and we were surrounded by stardust. Space was a conglomerate of blues and purples and pinks that all melded together to form strange patterns. Stars sparkled all around us, and as I looked back at the world we had just left, it began to look more like just another star in the sky. I looked at Riku, who's eyes were especially breathtaking in this atmosphere, and smiled weakly.

"Who would have thought I would ever go to space?" I said breathlessly. Riku smiled slightly, and then turned and walked away from me. He made his way over to Hook, who was standing proudly at the ship's wheel.

I took this opportunity to go thank Smee for his help. The little man was still sitting next to the anchor crank, his red hat drooping in front of his face. As I walked over, he jumped, apparently startled by my footsteps.

"O-oh, can I help you, miss?" he stuttered, fixing his hat, which had fallen completely to one side when he jerked.

"No, no, I'm alright. I actually wanted to thank you." Smee looked at me, dumbfounded. I squatted in front of him and smiled. "I've never been on a ship before, or on a rope ladder. It was really easy to climb up, thanks to you. So thank you for that."

His face turned beet red. "O-o-oh, y-you're w-welcome, miss! I-I was j-j-just doing my j-job!"

I smiled and stood. "You did it well. Oh, actually, maybe you can help me with something." I tugged on my shirt again, still crusted with sweat. "Is there any way I can take a bath or something while on this ship?"

Smee stumbled to his feet, nodding hastily. "Oh, certainly, miss! I'll prepare a tub for you right away!" And he toddled off, entering the ships cabins through a red door.

"Iva! Come up here," Riku called. I made my way over, climbing the steps to the wheel quickly. Hook stared at me with obvious dislike, but Riku paid no mind to him.

"Hook says -"

"That's CAPTAIN Hook to you, boy!"

"that he knows where Kairi is! She's in Neverland, with a girl named Wendy. If we find Wendy, we find Kairi!" His eyes were hopeful.

"I'll do whatever I can to help you find her," I reassured him. He smiled at me, and then got serious. He turned to face Hook again, his dislike for the man barely concealed under his mask.

"How long will it take to get to Neverland?"

"A couple days, if we don't get stopped by that wretched whale," Hook said, scowling.

"Whale?" Riku repeated, obviously confused. Hook waved his hand at him dismissively.

"Don't you worry about it."

"Is there a place we can sleep?" I asked.

"Yeah, yeah, there's a few empty cabins ye can sleep in, just don't bother me while I'm sleepin'! Now, ye know all ye need to know, so get out of me hair!" the captain brandished his hook at us, and Riku and I backed away, retreating down the stairs to the lower part of the deck.

Smee stumbled out of the cabin doors as we reached the bottom of the stairs. "Oh! Miss! Y-your tub is ready! I hope the water is hot enough for you!" he panted. I smiled at him, making him blush.

"Thanks so much." I turned to Riku and tugged on my shirt, which I now realized was a muddy brown color instead of black, probably from all the sand and sweat from the desert. "I'm going to get cleaned up. Wanna explore this ship when I'm done?"

Riku shrugged. "Getting cleaned up sounds like a good idea. Where do I go to do that?"

"Oh, I can prepare a tub for you, sir!" Smee piped up, clutching his hat tightly in his hands. "If you will please follow me, I can show you where it is!"

I nodded, and Smee led the way into the ship through the shiny red door. Beyond was a large cabin, obviously the captain's quarters. A small bed was pushed up against the wall, under a window, and a large, ornate table took up much of the space. The room also held a desk with a rather fancy chair behind it. The desk was covered in maps and shiny instruments, but I couldn't identify them. Hanging above the desk was an empty glass lantern.

Smee caught my attention and gestured to a door set in the floor with the top of a wooden ladder sticking out of it. He descended quickly, and since Riku reached the door before I did, I was the last to reach the bottom. The inside of the ship was roomier than I expected, and made out of a pretty light wood that creaked occasionally as the ship rocked. Smee led us to a door near the center of the ship, in front of which he stopped and turned to me.

"H-here you go, miss! I-I-I even set up a tub t-to wash your clothes!" he stuttered, looking at the ground.

"Thanks a bunch, Smee. I'll see you in a bit, Riku," I said as I opened the door. Steam poured out of the room, buffeting me with warmth.

"Later," Riku said dryly as I shut the door behind me.

The room was rather small, and a large wooden tub sat in the middle, full of steaming hot water. A smaller tub, made of the same wood, sat not too far from it, with a strange metal board sitting in it. I assumed that the smaller tub was for washing my clothes, but I wasn't sure how to go about it. Upon closer inspection, I realized that the metal board was actually a washing board, and I noticed a bar of soap sitting on the floor close by. I decided I would wash my clothes after I had cleaned myself, since I didn't want my water to get cold. I untied my jacket from my waist and groaned at how bad the sleeves looked. Next was my shirt, which I practically had to peel from my skin. Under my shirt, dust and sand had settled in thick smears on my skin. The pants were even harder to get off, since they were tight to begin with, and now they had practically fused with my legs from all the sweat. I stripped down the rest of the way, sighing with contentment as I freed myself from the dirty cloth. I picked the bar of soap off the floor and stepped into the hot bath, nearly burning myself. I slid in slowly enough to let my skin get used to the heat, and then grabbed the scratchy cloth from the side of the tub that I hadn't noticed before and began to scrub, washing away the dirt and sweat from the day.

My skin felt raw by the time I had finished, but I felt much better. I rinsed my hair in the water, but didn't want to submerge it due to all the dirt I had just washed off. I stepped out of the tub carefully, suddenly chilly in the steamy room. My clothes were piled in a gross heap on the floor next to the smaller tub, and I began washing them, using a mixture of vigorous scrubbing with the bar of soap and the washboard, until they seemed clean enough to wear. My poor tank top still looked faded, but it looked more black than brown now, so I decided I would have to deal with it. I looked around the room for something to dry my clothes with, but found nothing. I sat for a moment, contemplating if I should put on the wet clothes or not, when a knock sounded on the door.

"M-miss? It's me, Smee! I f-forgot to give you these clothes t-t-to wear until yours dried, so I'll leave them out here for you! I'm very s-sorry!" I heard him retreat quickly, his steps making the wood in the hallway creak. Once again grateful, I approached the door and slowly opened it, barely peeking my head out to look around. A bundle of clothes sat on the floor just within my reach, but as I reached for them, I heard footsteps again. I looked up, startled, to see Riku turning the corner, his hair still wet from his bath, wearing a simple white shirt and black pants that reminded me of a pirate.

"Riku!" I yelped, shutting the door as much as I could, my arm still hanging out as I tried to reach the clothes Smee had left me.

"Oh! Sorry, Iva! I didn't know!" he said, sounding flustered. He glanced down at my face, as I had knelt down to reach the clothes and was much closer to the floor than he was. "D-do you need help?" He stepped closer, making sure to keep his eyes away from the door I was hiding behind. He picked up the clothes and passed them to me, and our hands touched as I took them. He looked up momentarily, and we locked eyes, and suddenly I couldn't move. I noticed his cheeks were a bit pink, and I sat totally still for a moment, my breath caught in my throat. When he blinked and our contact was broken, I came back to myself, and I yanked the clothes behind the door and slammed it shut, blushing furiously.

"T-thank you," I said through the door, mentally slapping myself for my lapse in concentration.

"You're welcome," he said back, his voice muffled a bit.

I stood shakily and began to put on the clothes, which consisted of a very small pair of white shorts that reminded me of bloomers - were they bloomers? - and a white shirt similar to Riku's. Instead of pants, however, I received a long red skirt. I grumbled and put the clothes on, tying the skirt over my shirt around my waist, essentially cinching the shirt tight. I rolled the sleeves up and put my sneakers on without socks, gathered up my wet clothes, and stepped out into the hallway.

Riku was still there, leaning against the wall, obviously waiting for me. He did a bit of a double take when he saw me, clearly not expecting a skirt.

"Yeah, yeah, I know. I hope my clothes dry soon," I said dryly. Riku raised an eyebrow.

"What, you don't like skirts?"

"Nope. Never have, probably never will."

Stumbling footsteps echoed in the hallway, and Smee turned the corner. "O-oh, good! You're done! H-here, I'll take your clothes for you, they'll be r-right in that room!" He pointed to the door at the end of the hall. "They sh-should be dry by t-t-tomorrow!"

I handed him the pile and smiled. "Thanks, Smee. I appreciate it." He blushed and stuttered and took the clothes from me, tottering off down the hall. Riku watched him go, his face blank.

"I think he likes you," he said.

I smiled and poked his arm. "What, are you jealous?"

"No way!"

I laughed, which made him glare at me. "Well, come on. We have a ship to explore, don't we?"

Riku nodded, seemingly glad to be off the topic, and started down the hallway. I followed closely, but couldn't quite get rid of the thought that his reply was a little too quick and defensive, and that maybe he was jealous after all.

I'll Be Your Light: Chapter Seven
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Sorry this took so long, pls kill me x.x
On the upside, things should be easier to write from here on. Not too much filler!
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1. Iva actually has two middle names - her birth name, and one she chose. She never got it legally changed, even though she wanted to.
2. At one point, Iva's favorite color is pink, but she says it's red because she doesn't want to seem too girly.
3. Iva's powers are controlled by her emotions, much like Raven's in Teen Titans.
4. Iva has never had a boyfriend (before the story begins, I mean). Or a girlfriend.
5. Iva is bisexual.
6. Iva prefers long-distance fighting with magic and her staff, but can fight well in close proximity to her target.
7. Iva is terrified of fire, and rarely uses it in battle.
8. Near the "end" of the story (I'm not sure when I want it to end), Iva is probably close to 10 years older than everyone else.

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